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     --------------------- COSoffice@cableone.net or call the church office at 928-537-7830.

Bible Study


Join us for the Men’s Bible Study every Friday at Darbi’s on Highway 260 in Pinetop at 6 am!

Men’s Bible Study Group will be utilizing a new way of looking at scripture. Known as Lectio Divina, the process is a rediscovery of an ancient Christian practice. The process leads to a deeper development of an authentic spiritual life. Come and rediscover the gift.

Self Help Christian Reeducation / Life Long Learning:


The following DVD’s or videos are available for your viewing pleasure in the classroom area of the Parish Hall:

Jesus – The New Way, by Bishop and Dr. Tom (N.T.) Wright (Six) ½ hr videos by one of the most engaging conservative New Testament scholars in the world today.

Secrets of the Vine, by Bruce Wilkinson. (Four) ½ hr videos discovering the abundant life from the parable of the vine in John 15.

The New Testament, by Bart Ehrman. Suggestion: watch the four Gospels as four different segments.

Who Was Jesus? This video is 2 hrs long. See as much or all of it as you can. Others.

In Reach Project: Food for Our Parishioners Facing Health Challenges


In-Reach Project: Food for Our Parishioners Facing Health Challenges: The purpose of the In-Reach Project is to have meals on hand in the COS freezer for those parishioners facing health challenges. Often in these circumstances families do not have the energy or resources available for easy to fix meals for themselves. Similar to TV dinners we will have servings for two in the double door freezer in the kitchen pantry for those in need. Before and after church services we will be collecting already prepared casseroles (unbaked or partially baked), soups, cookies and other appropriate food for freezing. If you bring the entire dish, we can break it down into smaller 2 serving containers, label, and put in the two door freezer in the COS kitchen pantry. If you know of a church member who could benefit YOU can make it happen by using this In Reach Project. Thank you! Heather Steiner (480-620-1676)

In Case of Emergency Contact Information


– If you have not filled out an emergency contact form, they are available at the back of the church/or in Polycarp Hall. When completed, please return to the church office. This information will only be used if there is an emergency contact needed by COS. Thank You!

Volunteer in the Altar Guild


The Altar Guild often needs volunteers!! Please contact Lauren Novy for more information for this important ministry at 928-537-5330 or e-mail jrlmnovy@citilink.net.

Volunteer: Coffee Hour Host/Hostess


We always need volunteers to host/hostess our Sunday Morning Coffee Hour. The sign-up sheet is on the bulletin board in Polycarp Hall - please choose a date that works for you. If you'd leave your phone number by your name, that will help us to contact you if there's something you should know before your Sunday, and feel free to contact Barbara Stone or Electra Brooks with any questions. Please take a copy of How to Do Sunday Morning Coffee Hour, they're hanging next to the sign-up sheet. The freezer in the pantry has lots of pastries that are available to serve at Coffee Hour, and please feel free to bring something special that you made. It’s more than welcome to have not only pastries but also fruits, veggies, dips, meats, cheeses and crackers - let your imagination run wild! Your COS Family thanks you so, so much! ~Barbara Stone